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The office is in that building behind the EDSA Shrine.

These are the two scanned images of the many legal papers.

VMobile Technologies Inc. is a subsidiary of Penta Capital.
Nothing to worry then.

PentaCapital Investment Corporation (PentaCapital) is a leading independent investment house in the Philippines known for its unique expertise in project development and financing, especially for real estate, leisure and infrastructure projects. PentaCapital was organized in late 1993 by a group of investment bankers and the Philodrill Corporation to engage in investment banking services with aninitial subscribed capital of PhP 200 million and paid-up capital of PhP 150 million.

PentaCapital has acquired a niche in the investment banking and financial services sectors, specifically:money market operations, consumer financing (through its 98%-owned quasi-bank, PentaCapital Finance Corporation), debt and equity underwriting, financial advisory and project financing, especially for BOT/BLT projects. In addition, PentaCapital received its license to engage in trust, fiduciary and investment management services last August 30, 1996.

PentaCapital is managed by a team of experienced managers with a combined experience of more than 150 years. Senior officers of PentaCapital have extensive foreign and local experience in the field of merchant, investment and commercial banking, corporate finance, underwriting, project financing, mergers and acquisition, securitization, securities dealership, foreign exchange, money and capital markets, and investment management. PentaCapital shall continue to cater to clients in real estate development, leisure and tourism, mineral resources development, transportation, water resources and infrastructure.

PentaCapital’s net worth as of December 31, 2007 amounted to more than PhP 440 million.

PentaCapital is the financial advisor, investment banker, issue
manager, lead underwriter, or selling agent for the companies
represented by the above logos.

The certified stable system that supports and powers up your
business. PentaCapital funds its upgrades.

View it LIVE!

Shelter, food, and clothing are your basic needs. But with the
advancement of the communication technology, mobile
loading has now become part of it. When you're lost, cold,
or hungry, a text or call to someone helps a lot.

Unlike other products, e-loading needs no or less introduction.
Almost everybody is using and loading their mobile phones. The
product's target market ranges from children, students,
businessmen to farmers, old folks, merchants--
simply from all walks of life.

Expansion wouldn't be a problem with millions of users call
and text trillion of messages each day.

Because communication is now part of man's basic needs, most
people don't realize how mobile phones has become a liability
rather than an asset. Mobile phones is undeniably an
"expense generating gadget" of which large
telecommunication companies get the lion's share .

The goal of the company is to turn users into retailers and dealers.
Turning your "expense-generating" gadget into a business gadget.

With a few hundred pesos, you can buy a good t-shirt, watch a movie
at expensive cinemas, have fun with unlimited skating on ice,
buy a nice gadget, fill your car up in a gas station, or
have an ice-cream break.

Why not start a business with a capital as low as P300.00,
and earn thousands in just a few months?

You can start small or start big. But it's not that big since
you can't find a business anywhere that starts with a capital
as low as P4,000 & earn thousands in a day or week.

Loading stations can be found just about in every stores and corners.
Most of them use 3 cheap mobile phones, each one with a different
brand of loading SIM card and e-wallet. With the above
comparison, you have now the option how much you would like to
start a loading business. VMobile offers the best.

Let's be clear with the 3rd & 4th comparison. Each time you load
a customer, there will be a one peso (P1.00) deduction. Your
P300.00 retailer card is not loaded. Do it at the said banks.
Weigh down the options and see why VMobile is the best yet
out there! VMobile offers a lot than just opportunities.

With the same phone and sim card, you can sell e-loads for
pin-based cards, online gaming cards, internet cards, phone cards,
cable TV prepaid cards, MRT e-wallet (for Manila only), and
LBC deliveries for flowers and cakes.

As a retailer, you can also earn P50.00 (which will be automatically
discounted from your load) for each new retailer you have introduced
the product to. You also earn P20.00, as an indirect endorsement
from every new retailer recruited by your first level retailers.

Even with a slow business movement, having only three (3)
recruited retailers in a month, you can still earn as big as
P20,000 in 6 months if each of your three retailers sign-up
another three retailers (and them replicating likewise).

You may replenish your load wallet through the local VMobile offices
or through depositing at the banks shown above. You will get to
know the details of the process with a technical seminar after
signing-up --or better known as teaming up.

A mobile food-cart alone could cost you more than P4,000.
A day or two in a nice hotel room could cost you around P4,000
Same amount could cost you buying a nice pair of shoes, a
necklace, a pet dog, or a violin instrument. But these things
don't return your money back.

With P3,988 you can already start a great business. It doesn't
cost much when you can earn it back anyways in a week or two.

Here's how. The dealership business kit contains code guides,
card price list, ready to hang posters, FREE Smart SIM cards
(accreditation of VMobile), and retailer cards. Selling the
20 retailer cards alone earns back your business capital.

But you can earn more in five ways, that is selling various
OTA prepaid cards, selling or signing-up retailers
& earning endorsement bonus (the dealer version)

As a DEALER, you can earn P250.00 for each new retailer you have
introduced the product to. You also earn P40.00, as an indirect
endorsement from every new retailer who joined and recruited
by your direct retailers.

Even with a slow business movement, having only three (3)
recruited retailers in a month, you can still earn as big as
P44,000 in 6 months if each of your three retailers sign-up
another three retailers (and them replicating likewise).

The fourth way is earning 2% of EVERY load sold by your retailers
to the customers (unlimited).

Just look how you will be swarmed by 2% of all loads under your
dealership kit!!

Example: If each of the 20 retailers has P1,000 worth of load
consumed by 33 customers in 2 days, each buying P30.00 worth
of load, you'll earn P6,000.00 as the 2% of a month's
income of P300,00.00!

There's more. Other companies need the media to advertise their
products. They pay celebrities to endorse their product. Don't you
want to be a product endorser and get paid without wearing
any celebrity-like vanities?

Here's the scheme. You'll get paid P500.00 for every "dealership"
franchise endorsed. Direct endorsement is unlimited.
"Endorse unlimitedly to earn unlimitedly".

This is a sample page of the online account you will have as a dealer.
This is where you check, manage, and cash-out your endorsement.
The system updates automatically in real time.

And just when you think the ways of earning are all said and done,
the company gives a pairing bonus of worth P500.00.
Each time the number of people you have (recruited) in your
TeamA gets paired with the same number of people (recruited) in
your TeamB, you get to earn P500.00.

The pairing bonus is unlimited. If the number of people in your
TeamA (or TeamB) is more than that of the TeamB (or TeamA), it
will spill over to infinity & will be WAITING forever until paired.

SCENARIO: You signed-up today. Few days after, you invited and
signed-up two persons for dealership. The next day you got tired
and stopped or went out of town. A month after, the two
persons you signed-up also stopped after each of them signed-up
their own two dealers. Even if this laziness replicates on every
month for every two new dealers under your network, you will
earn a surprising P33,000.00 in just 6 months!

Possible? Definitely! That is if you made it sure each of your
direct dealers will sign-up their own two dealers, and so on.

So, how much possibly can you earn in 6 months from both
the dealership and retailer endorsement bonuses?

The company is not trying to fool anyone but this is a possibility.
Remember these quotes:

"The possibilities are numerous once we decide to act
and not react." -- Terry Josephson

"When I was a kid, if a guy got killed in a western movie I always
wondered who got his horse." --George Carlin

"The thing about performance, even if it's only an illusion, is that
it is a celebration of the fact that we do contain ourselves
infinite possibilities." --Sydney Smith

"Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn't." --Mark Twain

"So much promise stretches before us. Americans have always
reach for impossible, looked to the next horizon and asked,
"What if?" --Senator John Kerry

For the believers in the possibilities who are also financially blessed,
having multiple accounts/heads in the business is a great advantage.
Franchising multiple accounts/heads (the company limits it to seven)
will cost you P23,500.00 (discounted from the total of the
endorsement & pairing bonuses) but in return, you'll earn seven
times more than the earning of one account or head.

You may ask, "Can the company cope up with all the possible
earning flow stated above for all dealers & retailers?"
The company has a safety net to fast-moving dealers . That is
you can only earn an income or cash-in the limit of P30,000
each day, or P210,000/week, or P900,000/month. Any
amount beyond that will spill to the next day/week/month.
Do you still have a cause to complain?

So join in the business now and expand nationwide.

You can also expand the business worldwide where the said banks
(BPI, BDO, etc.) are located.

The business is not yet saturated. You can check the member count
(dealers & retailers) and read more information from the official
website. Click HERE to visit.

You may also visit the VMobile Official Website and know more
about the company and the products. To visit, click HERE.

Join now. Let's team up. Contact me:
YM: loynepueblos
Dealer ID No. 5386345679
or make a comment!

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